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Justin the Martyr

Posted by John Suttles on October 26, 2014 at 10:30 PM

Justin the Martyr was a Christian who died for his faith about A.D. 165. He is most commonly known for being an apologist – a defender of his faith. As he grew up, he had no Christian instruction. At a young age he purposed to find the truth.

Justin the Martyr chose four schools, with four different religions, to begin his search for the truth. He liked the last of the four schools the best. This school taught Plato’s philosophy. Justin became a Platonist (one who believes like the Greek philosopher Plato). He became a highly esteemed Platonist philosopher.

An old man questioned Justin one day about his beliefs. In the course of conversation, the old man advised him to search the Scriptures for the truth. Justin did so and became a Christian. He was very faithful in the Christian beliefs, this being why he was martyred.

Justin the Martyr was, as formerly mentioned, an apologist. In his well-known Apology written to Antoninus Pius the emperor, he defended the Christians, claiming they were atheist only by the Roman standards, because they did not worship their many gods. They instead believed in the one true God. He went on to ask the sense in persecuting them only because they bore the name of Christian instead of persecuting them for their character as Christians. This apology was successful because, as a result, the Christians were not persecuted anymore under this emperor.

Persecution of Christians was not ceased for long because the emperor Antoninus Pius died and his son came to the throne. Under the new emperor, persecution for Christians was resumed. Justin became the courageous martyr that he is known to be under this emperor’s rule. He was first scourged then beheaded. Six other Christian friends of Justin, who were arrested with him, were martyred in the same fashion. Justin the Martyr’s last words on this earth were, “We desire nothing more than to suffer for our Lord Jesus Christ; for this gives us salvation and joyfulness before His dreadful judgment seat…”

I believe Justin went to be with his Savior; therefore, because I am a Christian, I will someday meet Justin the Martyr as well as his Savior and mine. I hope, dear reader, you will be able to meet Justin the Martyr; but most importantly, I hope you can truthfully say his Savior is also yours because to lose heaven is to gain hell.

E. Suttles, Age 11


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